Our Story

                     Remember when kids were kids and playtime meant grass burns,                           muddy feet, and outdoor fun? This is the world in which Jungle Beat operates: innocent, adventurous fun!


                The Jungle Beat world revolves around Munki and Trunk, two best                           friends whose home is the big and twisty tree in the jungle.


                    Their adventures usually start with something small, like needing                        to water a flower, or finding a shady spot, but they always end up                        escalating into mayhem. But no matter what goes wrong or what                           challenges are thrown at them, friendship and caring always triumphs!

             The show operates from a place of warmth and kindness where Munki                 and Trunk believe the best in each other and others, no matter what. Even though things inevitably go wrong, there is a rock-solid foundation of trust and friendship which sees them through anything nature or life throws at them.