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Remember when kids were kids and playtime meant grass burns, muddy feet, and outdoor fun? This is the world in which Jungle Beat operates: innocence, adventure and joy!

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Jungle Beat is a wild and wonderful TV series loved by kids around the world! 
In 2020, Jungle Beat took a huge step to its first feature film. In Jungle Beat: The Movie, an alien called Fneep crash-lands on Earth, and for the first time, he gives the jungle animals the power of speech!
But the journey isn't over yet. The Jungle Beat universe just keeps growing! And no matter how big the adventures get, or how far the animals go, the core of the series will always be friendship, perseverance, trust, empathy, acceptance, curiosity, kindness, selflessness, and FUN!

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All the seasons of Jungle Beat are available to watch for free on the Angel app, with no advertisements! It's a safe environment, with no algorithm redirecting you to any other videos. Come join in the fun!

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