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  • Upload your coloring page | Jungle Beat | Sunrise Animation | Kids TV series | Munki and Trunk

    UpLoad Your coloring in page / Picture / Craft !! And get free access to our reading book & Stay Up to Date with all our latest info First Name Last Name Email Kids Name Kids Age ? "Take a picture of the drawing using your phone" UPLOAD: DRAWING / PICTURE / CRAFT Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) I agree to the terms & conditions (View) Submit Join the fun and download your Jungle beat coloring pages here DOWNLOAD PDFs The Jungle Beat is the free show you can share with your little ones to teach them how friendship and kindness always triumphs! Here you'll find gifts that help keep the show free and make more seasons! SUBSCRIBE

  • Jungle Beat: The Movie | Sunrise Animation | Kids TV series | Munki and Trunk

    Anchor 1 Jungle Beat: The Movie Little Fneep has come to conquer the planet and has brought some crazy tech with him, including a translation device that lets the animals talk for the first time. Anchor 2 Jungle Beat: The Movie Trailer Anchor 3 How To Watch T-Shirts STICKERS PUZZLES BOOKS

  • Crafts | Recipes | Sunrise Animation | Kids TV cartoons | Munky and Trunk

    JUNGLE BEAT CRAFTING MUNKI IN THE TREE CRAFT Once done upload you craft to unlock our book and more drawings. Upload Page MUNKI IN THE TREE CRAFT VIDEO A BALL OF HUMPH CRAFT Once done upload you craft to unlock our book and more drawings. Upload Page A BALL OF HUMPH CRAFT VIDEO

  • Sunrise Animation Studios | Jungle Beats | Kids TV series | Munki and Trunk

    Anchor 1 Sunrise is a production company with a full-service animation studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We have a passion for quality storytelling, and aim to inspire, entertain, challenge and enchant audiences worldwide by bringing the finest in family entertainment. SUNRISE WEBSITE Anchor 2 SUNRISE ANIMATION REEL 2020

  • Links | Jungle Beats | Sunrise Animation Studios | Kids TV series | Munki and Trunk

    HOME Jungle Beat Books Coloring in Page Upload your coloring in page Watch Jungle Beat Youtube Subscribe Website Subscribe

  • 404 Error Page | Jungle Beat

    Page Not Found. Looks like this page has been hidden or no longer exists. Go to Homepage

  • Characters Sunrise Animation | Kids TV series | Munki and Trunk

    CHARACTERS MEET ALL OF OUR LITTLE FRIENDS Munki (Monkey) THE BOLD, BANANA-JUGGLING ADVENTURER Munki is a bundle of energy, bravado, and big ideas; he can do ANYTHING! Munki is bananas about his best friend Trunk – who’s always there to pick him up when his grand schemes go wrong. Birthday: 11 August munki Trunk Trunk (Elephant) The Big-Hearted Optimist This enthusiastic and energetic elephant is the world’s greatest cheerleader. With a heart as big as her size, she’s always ready with a trumpet of love and support. Just don’t mess with her Munki! Birthday: 15 April Rocky Rocky (Rhino) The Two-Tonne Puppy He never loses his enthusiasm, because to him everything is the BEST THING EVER! Birthday: 21 January Humph Humph (Hedgehog) Mr. Prickles Humph’s lawn is his everything - he’s obsessed with keeping it trimmed, tidy, and monkey-free! Maybe if he had a hug every now and again, he wouldn’t be so prickly. Birthday: 5 September Tallbert Tallbert (Giraffe) The Earnest, Awkward Eccentric Everything about Tallbert is weird, and that’s what makes him one of a kind. Birthday: 29 December Buzby (Bee) One in a Million Buzby is the odd one out in the highly disciplined army of bees. He’s not made for sting attacks and honey-making – he’s a dreamer and very easily distracted. Birthday: 1 May Buzby Ribbert Ribbert (Frog) Busy doing nothing Ribbert minds his own business, but business does not mind him. Birthday: 3 October Baby Baby (Baby Ostrich) Bringer of Anarchy. She is the toddler, the fearless, smiling, curious, uncontrolled, and funny one who pops up when you least expect her. Birthday: 3 July Mama Mama (Ostrich) Pragmatic Maternal Influence She’s not beyond giving out to wayward animals if they overstep the mark, but she is a positive, supportive presence. Birthday: 10 May Hue (Chameleon) Now you see me... Hue is everywhere and nowhere. He’s a running gag throughout the episodes. He can shock or help our protagonists, and even act as a thermometer...! Birthday: 26 February Hue Ray Ray (Firefly) A warm light in a dark night Ray the Firefly is too small to join in most of the Jungle games, but that’s just fine with him. He enjoys the quiet of the night-time jungle and doesn’t understand why the big animals are always galumphing around and disturbing the peace. Birthday: 11 April Mirabelle Mirabelle is a good artist, a keen photographer and as silly as they come. Birthday: 6 Nov Puppy Mirabelle puppy (Dog) all about the fun The Explorer’s pet puppy is the cutest creature in the jungle! He’s sweet, curious, and just a little bit naughty, as every good puppy should be! Trunk finds Puppy totally irresistible, and will never pass up an opportunity to play with him. Birthday: 4th August Rita Rita Rita is sporty and animal-loving. An enthusiastic cook. A good animal trainer. Very silly, too. Birthday: 11 March Simon Simon is just as silly as the others, but also secretly a mechanical genius. Birthday: 10th June Simon

  • Download | Jungle Beat | Sunrise Animation | Kids TV series | Cartoon | Munki and Trunk

    Download Jungle Beat No need to download Jungle Beat Series or Jungle Beat the Movie watch for free here WATCH JUNGLE BEAT FOR FREE: Join the adventures of Munki and Trunk and watch full episodes SUBSCRIBE Season 4 JUNGLE BEAT SEASON 4 Season 5 JUNGLE BEAT SEASON 5 Season 6 JUNGLE BEAT SEASON 6 Season 7 JUNGLE BEAT SEASON 7 Season 8 JUNGLE BEAT SEASON 8 USA ONLY the movie WHY DOWNLOAD Jungle Beat: The Movie WATCH FREE ON NETFLIX Little Fneep has come to conquer the planet and has brought some crazy tech with him, including a translation device that lets the animals talk for the first time.

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